My mission is to help you grow

I am Jerome Kalumbu. I am a website designer based in Milan. I work remotely for Tarsus Group (UK) five days a week — I am available for small projects only.

Helping businesses fix their website and make more money

My mission is to design engaging and user-friendly websites that motivate people to buy and businesses to grow.

I care about this since you don't deserve to be worried about losing revenue and customers because of a confusing website.

When I design a new site or redesign your website, I collaborate closely with you to create a website that will empower you and help you grow revenue.

My process includes discovering your user needs, business goals and using creativity to design a website that is suitable for your brand and help your business to stand-out and grow.

I've designed effective websites that helped private companies like to grow revenue.

"I found myself in front of a prepared, reliable, serious, precise UI/UX designer, capable of interpreting our needs and putting them into practice."

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Alfonso Di Stasio Director at FarmaciaVirtuale - (Naples, IT)

Sharing my design approach to help designers grow their skills in UX Design and Web design

I also write content about UX and Web design to help you grow your skills and design better websites.

The goal of my content is also to inspire and teach you my creative approach to designing websites that add real value to people and businesses.

I've helped +1,000 designers worldwide to create better websites and improve their UX design skills with in-depth articles published on Medium and Marvel Blog.

Reading my content will help you gain confidence, deliver work that makes you happy and encourages employers or clients to hire you.

If you want to grow your skills, read my book or articles.

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"Jerome gives us advice on how to make designs which add real value. We need more designers like Jerome and more books like this."

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Andy Clarke Creative Designer and Author of “Art Direction for the Web”
Jerome Kalumbu smiling in Navigli, Milano
Jerome Kalumbu - Senior Web Designer

My skills include:

  • UX design
  • Web design
  • Art-direction
  • Typography
  • CSS Styling (Modern CSS)
  • HTML